Replace Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Details

Coast Guard Station, Grand Isle, LA
Client: United States Coast Guard
Project Size: $0M to $2M

Project Description

This project involved the replacement and rehabilitation of USCG Sector Grand Isle’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), sewage infrastructure, and fueling system.  Due to wear and extreme environmental conditions found in southern Louisiana, the existing wastewater treatment plant, sewage infrastructure, and fuel systems needed major repairs.  The scope of work for the wastewater treatment plant included installation of a new packaged wastewater treatment plant, new lift station, effluent pumping station, reinforced cast in place concrete slab, rehabilitating of an existing lift station, and new landscaping.  The existing sewer lift station’s pump components were completely removed and replaced with new pumps, pump rails, and DDC controls.  Additional site work included the installation of a 1000 liner foot force sewer main to be used by the USCG’s cutters for black water discharge and included new site fencing.

The fuel system renovation included the complete replacement of the existing fuel system, including the existing 2000-gallon concrete vaulted fuel tank and the renovation of the existing diesel system fuel piping.  This included above and below ground fuel pipe, valves, filter strainers, water separators, and two new motorized hose reels with one installed at a remote fueling location.  The fuel system also included the installation of a new fuel control system allowing full control of the fuel system locally and/or remotely.  Work also included the installed of new electrical feeders and panels for the fuel system, lift station, and WWTP.  Additional site work included the installation of 500 linear feet of underground double wall fiberglass fuel pipe.

On this design-bid-build construction contract, Sergent Construction (SC) acted as the general contractor and in addition self-performed the demolition, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.  In total, SCS self-performed 70% of the scope of work.