Project 2

Improve Mechanical Utilities, Phase 4

Gainesville, FL
Department of Veterans Affairs


For this design-bid-build firm fixed price contract SCS acted as the general contractor as well as self-performed the following trades; demolition, mechanical piping, ductwork, electrical, and equipment installation.

This project’s scope of work included the installation of a new 80,000 CFM located on the second floor roof which included chilled water coils, steam humidifier, and steam heating coils. In order to support the new unit and entirely new structural steel platform was erected completed with stairs and walk ways around the exterior. Once the unit was installed a new mechanical penthouse was constructed around the AHU to protect the AHU and associated systems from the elements. This project also included the removal and installation of a 21,000 CFM indoor central station AHU. Additional work included the installation of 97 new single coil VAV’s on two entire floors of the main hospital with services to admin areas, patient rooms, CLC, laboratories, and surgery suites. New supply ductwork was installed throughout the two five renovated floors to allow the existing dual duct system to be converted to a supply and return ductwork system. Additional work included the installation of heating hot water piping system to supply heat to the new VAV’s. The heating hot water system was supplied with heat through the installation of a steam to hot water system heat exchanger system which included parrell heat exchangers, parrelll pumps, and HVAC DDC. Work included the removal and replacement of ceiling, installation of new lights, partition walls, drywall, paint, roofing patch and repair, core drilling, fire chaulking, and large scale abatment of ACM pipe insulation and duct mastic. Additional work also included the installation of new DDC controls for all installed equipment including AHUs, pumps, heat exchangers, VAVs, and glycol systems. All new equipment was equipped with VFDs drives to ensure that all equipment will operate at max efficiency given the building loads. Lastly, new fire alarm devices, FACPs, and plumbing was installed to support the new VAVs and AHUs. In all, over 60,000 SF of hospital floor space was renovated.

The experience gained and techniques used in completing this construction project is extremely relevant to the scope and complexity found in this particular construction project. The following is a summary of this project’s relevancy to the proposed RFP: Work in an occupied VA Medical Facility, integration of HVAC systems into a facility, integration of HVAC DDC & BMS systems, removal and replacement of AHUs, installation of new AHUs, temporary air, Phased construction schedule – ensured continuity with existing operations, 3 Phase USACE Quality Control QC which included preparatory, initial, and follow up. Applied EM 385 Safety Program throughout project, chilled water systems, heating hot water systems, steam systems, Installation of ICRA containment and negative ventilation. This project also falls within the relevant price range and is very similar in size and complexity to what we anticipate to see on task orders for this RFP.

In total, SCS self-performance model yielded SCS self performing 90% of the project’s scope of work. The only significant portions of work sub contracted were as follows: HVAC DDC, Roofing, Structural Steel, ACT, abatement, and drywall.


Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
Contract Number: VA248-17-C-0026
Original Contract Value: $3,946,387.00
Current/Final Contract Value: $3,946,387.00
Sub-Contractors: HVAC DDC: Siemens Industry, Fire Alarm: WW Gay, Structural Steel: Boone Welding, Roofing: Marion Services, Carpentry: Central Florida Drywall, & Abatement: ADS Services

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Project 11: Station Renovations at USCG Station Port Aransas

TX (Category B)


For this design-bid-build firm fixed price MATOC Task Order contract Sergent Construction Services acted as general contractor and also self-performed a majority of the on-site work. The project’s scope of work involved renovations and repairs to the United States Coast Guard’s existing 8,000SF multipurpose facility located in Port Aransas, TX. The existing facility was in need of major repairs due to wear and tear from 25 years of use. The project’s scope of work included the complete replacement of the facility’s existing HVAC, DDC system as well as the rehabilitation of the facility’s existing electrical and plumbing system. The facility’s existing HVAC system was in complete disrepair and was not functioning when SCS arrived on-site. HVAC work included the complete removal and replace of all supply, return, and exhaust ductwork, installation of new condensers & air handlers, exhaust fans, and the installation of zero clearance grease ductwork for the kitchen hoods.
Additional work on this project included paint and flooring throughout the 8,000SF facility, new drywall ceilings, drywall finishing, complete bathroom demolition and rehabilitation with the installation of new vanities, shower stall, plumbing, and plumbing fixtures in the facility’s 9 restrooms. Site work included the removal and replacement of the station’s above ground fueling system. The existing 500 gallon gasoline Con-Vault fuel tank was replaced with a new 1,000 gallon Con-Vault fuel tank. The existing fuel system piping was also removed and replaced with Stainless Steel piping. In addition, new filter vessels were added to the fuel system in conjunction with the removal and replacement of the fuel systems hose reels and dispeners.

This project is extremely relevant in scope and complexity to that of the task orders we anticipate to encounter on this MATOC and included the following relevant work types:

  • Construction, renovation, repair, & alteration of general facilities throughout the entire project site.
  • Construction, repair and alteration of mechanical & HVAC systems throughout the building.
  • Construction, repair, and alteration of plumbing systems including the installation of new equipment drains.
  • Construction, repair, and alteration of electrical systems through the facility including the installation of new lighting, lighting control, and home runs for new mechanical equipment.

Additional relevancy includes: renovation of an occupied and active federal government facility. Since this project was accomplished while the facility was still fully operational with very little disturbance to the building’s occupants/residents which required a phased construction work schedule. This project also falls within the relevant price range of $150,000-$1.5 million for Category B and is very similar in size and complexity to what we anticipate to see on task orders for this MATOC.

On this firm fixed price design-bid-build construction contract Sergent Construction Services acted as the general contractor and in addition self-performed the demolition, HVAC, fuel system, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. This project is a prime example of SCS’s ability to self-perform a vast majority of our contracted work. In total, SCS self-performed 75% of this task order’s scope of work and no major sub-contractors were utilized. This project stands as a prime example of SCSs ability to self-perform a majority of our project’s scopes of work.


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  • Halworks Ltd, inc.
  • Toms and family inc.
  • Bricks and woods ltd.
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